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Explore the amazing West Maui underwater world during your eco-friendly Maui sea scooter guided tours from Kapalua to Lahaina. Rated the top 10 snorkel spots off Maui’s shoreline out of 80 beaches on Maui. All tours are weather permitting – flexibility appreciated.

We Pledge To Be PONO

• We will mindfully seek wonder,
but not wander where we do not belong.
• We will not defy death for breathtaking photos,
trespass or venture beyond safety.
• We will mālama (care for) land and sea,
and admire wildlife only from afar.
• Molten lava will mesmerize me,
but we will not disrupt its flow.
• We will not take what is not mine,
leaving lava rocks and sand as originally found.
• We will heed ocean conditions,
never turning my back to the Pacific.
• When rain falls ma uka (inland),
We will remain high above ground, out of rivers and streams.
• We will embrace the island’s aloha spirit,
as it embraces me.
• Lawe i ka maʻalea i kūʻonoʻono.
“Take Wisdom and Make it Deep.”


Eco Sea Scooter Snorkeling

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Rental of Flotation Wetsuit, Goggles & Waterproof Headphone

Aquatic Therapy

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With Flotation Wetsuits

Scuba Diving

For Beginners or Experienced Adventurers!

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The Airtime Watertime® Floater® is a

new kind of flotation wetsuit that gives

you the security and confidence to swim

safely and freely, whether you’re

new to the water, an old pro,

a para-swimmer

or a swimmer with disabilities.

Carter Parry in his Airtime Watertime Suit. Click his picture to navigate to check out his amazing story and vlog.



Select the Airtime Watertime Logo to navigate to the website for Flotation Suit information

ASA is a surf team made of international members that train and prepare our adaptive athletes for the next level of surfing and competition.  Click the logo to navigate to the website for Coach Chris.

Two of the most popular spots on Maui are Napili Bay and Kapalua Bay. Famous for their amazing white sand beaches, this amazing long stretch of sandy beach with reef close to shore makes this a great location for 1st timers and young snorkelers. Rocky points surrounding both sides of each of these bays protects the beaches from strong currents and the coral reef gives snorkelers lots to explore.

  • Eco tourism and coral reef monitoring
  • Explore a new world of adventure snorkeling with our Maui sea scooters
  • Guests can sea scooter up to 3.7 mph with 3 rotational speeds
  • Discover tropical sea life and sea turtles
  • Cruise our coral reefs while saving our reefs from human impact
  • Get up close to our wildlife in their natural environments
  • A once in a lifetime memory. Camera and GoPro rentals available for videoing your underwater Maui sea scooter adventures. Cameras can be mounted to sea scooters. Take your 36GB SD memory card home to share with your family and friends.
A diver swoops in a back flip on an underwater scooter.


Experience the wonder of Maui under the waves! No experience necessary for beginner dives. We offer adventures for both brand new and experienced divers.

We are an eco-friendly team that is passionate about the ocean and our community. Small group sizes, all gear included!

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Maui Sea Scooter Snorkeling

Maui sea scooter snorkeling is an exciting new way of snorkeling with our top of the line Maui sea scooters (Yamaha 350LI series). Our guests will enjoy the ease of snorkeling while on our Maui Sea Scooters – 3 speeds, with battery life which should last one and a half hours. They’re also equiped with GoPro mounts allowing you to record and share your underwater experience with family and friends.

We snorkel in waters off Kapalua & Napili Bay, rated among the Best 5 Breathtaking West Maui white sand beaches. Long rocky points surround both sides of the beach protecting it from strong ocean currents. During our guided educational eco-friendly tours, you’ll discover tropical fish, sea turtles in their natural environment, and amazing coral reefs close to shore.

Join our Mermaid Tail Fantasy Tour with Sea Scooters. Try our private charters offshore or off Kaanapali Beach by Sanity Vessel to and around the island of Lanai.

Our company has teamed up with the Coral Reef Education Institute and Rebel Hawai‘i.

Our Mission is to educate as many guests and identify the negative human impact on our ocean and the solution to those issues through education, monitoring, and restoration and report our findings to our community network. We want everyone to “Make a Difference”. Join and Share our Mission, “Leave it Better than you Found it” for our generations to come. Save our coral reef ecosystem and oceans wildlife. Every guest on our tour receives a Certificate of Completion. Be environmental for all.

Warmest Mahalo from Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Meet Our Crew

Willow is CPR and First Aid Certified, an Eco Free Diver, and a Life Guard.

Maui Ocean Life