Eco Sea Scooter
Snorkeling Academy

We work together to do our part in preserving our oceans and helping to save our planet for future generations. We hope to educate our guests on the effects of our impact on the environment.

Rebel Hawaii’s mission is to protect our oceans from reef deterioration by simply using organic sunscreen. Trade your harmful sunscreen for plant/mineral based sunscreen. We approach people on the beach, ocean, boats, and on social media to educate the harmful effects it has on a persons body and to our reefs. Our goal is to personally swap sunscreens to the public to save one reef at a time. Visit www.rebelhawaii.org

Brazilian, Kalani Lattanzi, is one of the world’s most prolific watermen. He has faced some of the biggest waves in the world, wave riding with only his body: bodysurf. This phenomenon has been documented in a film ‘Kalani: Gift from Heaven’ by Nuno Dias. Visit www.kalanithefilm.com